BAPE Joins Forces with Bamford Watch Department for Modern All-Black Rolex Models

BAPE teams up with Bamford Watch Department for modern all-black Rolex models.

Bamford Watch Department brings innovative designs to the limelight yet again. The well-established company is known for customising luxury watches to the most accurate of details and this time they created the unexpected- BAPE and Rolex are forming a collaboration.

Our gallery of the two models is the epitome of the exquisite detailing of the brand. There are two models- first a Daytona model and the other a GMT. These are prime examples of the fine focus you’ll find with such a tasteful collaboration. The Daytona features a white prominent BAPE head sandwiched within the chronometric dials, overlaid by a very subtle textured camo pattern on the main dial face. The GMT is slightly more classic with white typeface font also with BAPE Camo lining the dial face, along with a magnified Cyclops Lens date. Both watches feature Swiss movement and a BAPE laser-engraved branding under the chassis.

These designs will launch on June 17 at EXI.T in  Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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