JW Anderson Debut Collaboration with Converse

Style meets culture at the debut of the JW Anderson and Converse Collaboration.

On the 10th anniversary of the label, JW Anderson held his first catwalk show outside of London at Pitti Uomo in Florance, Italy. The Villa La Pietra served as the perfect backdrop for the momentous occasion, where guests sat on white cushions along the green lawn overlooking the show.

The event also represented the debut of the designer’s long-term partnership with Converse. On the catwalk, they launched a unisex collection, where JW Anderson is a special guest designer. Together, the pair celebrates the progressive design born when democratic street style meets accessible luxury.

The footwear, which is the product of this collaboration, showcases a daring interpretation of the contrast between iconic Converse silhouettes and JW Andersen’s boundary-pushing design philosophy. Two two brands come together to provide a product much like their customer, a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, tapping into an aesthetic of modern culture.

For Anderson “From my very first pair, Converse have represented such a radical movement in style and culture.  The contrasts and similarities between the world of Converse and the world of JW Anderson creates a space of culture tension that’s a dream to play with as a designer.”


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