The Best Men’s Fragrances for Summer 2017

By July 17, 2017Grooming

Our favourite fragrances for Summer 2017.

mens summer fragrance

Seeking the perfect summer suited scent? Whether you’re looking for a light and airy option to spritz on a sunny day, or something a little heavier for a night on the town; let’s take a look at some of the best men’s fragrances this summer.

Jean Paul Gaultier – La Male Fraiche

With well over a dozen fragrances under his belt since the early 90s, there’s little arguing against the fact that our favourite Parisian ‘enfant terrible’ is a man who knows how to market a scent to the masses. With his previous iteration landing a spot on our favourite spring fragrances, Gaultier returns with limited edition versions of the iconic La Male Fraiche for summer 2017. Fresh, light and relatively long lasting; it’s the perfect scent for a summer’s day with notes of Aldehydes (leafy, floral scent), sweet amber and vanilla undertones.

Who?: If you’re looking for something interesting, but not overpowering – JPG’s the man.

jean paul gaultier fragrance

Kenneth Cole – Black Bold

Building on the success of the previously released ‘black’, Kenneth Cole’s Black Bold takes a good thing and makes it better. With the goal of ’embodying the essence of New York’ in a bottle, the EDP opens with invigorating notes of ginger and orange before mellowing into a slightly more subdued woody, herbaceous scent.

Who?: The way black bold develops over time makes it an ideal option as your go-to day to night number.

kenneth cole black cold

Floris x Turnbull & Asser – 71/72

As the oldest family owned fragrance house in the world (over 300 years), it goes without saying that the perfumiers down at Floris on Jermyn St. London know a thing or two when it comes to creating a true olfactory masterpiece. An incredibly unique EDP, Floris x Turnbull & Asser 71/72 is the result of creative collaboration with equally heritage steeped British institution – Turnbull & Asser. Opening with fresh mandarin and lavender, the scent develops into a much deeper woody, oud-ish aroma through the day with outstanding longevity.

Who?: Perfect for the modern gent who wants something unique, exclusive and versatile.

floris turnbull asser fragrance

Joop! – Homme

The fact that Joop! Homme first hit the scene in 1989 is far more telling than you’d imagine. Embodying the carefree, vibrant and liberating mood of the decade, it’s not a fragrance for the shrinking violets among us. Bold, strong and unapologetic; vanilla, cinnamon, tonka bean and jasmine are among some of the notes that’ll hit you from the outset. When I say ‘hit you’, it’s not far from the literal truth – Joop!’s longevity and strength is notorious.

Who?: Ideal for the guy looking to grab attention and let the room know he’s arrived.

joop homme fragrance

Burberry – Touch

By no means restricted as a summer fragrance, the classic Burberry Touch is a scent that’ll bring an air of refinement and class to any season or occasion. Launched at the turn of the millennium, the sumptuous, sophisticated blend of inoffensive notes like white musk, vetiver and pepper make Touch one of the most unanimously loved and (somehow) simultaneously unique scents around.

Who?: Office or pub, day or night – touch is a worthy contender for the gent still seeking his go-to signature scent.

burberry touch men

Azzaro – Chrome Pure

With well over fifty fragrances under their belt since 1975; Azzaro Paris has a knack for creating classic, sensual fragrances that stand the test of time. The latest addition to their men’s lineup, Chrome Pure, builds on the success of the original Chrome released a little over ten years ago and offers a fresh, contemporary perspective with a surprisingly generous longevity for an EDT. Fresh mandarin and bergamot open, followed by a woodier almost oriental finish of musk, akigalawood and tonka bean.

Who?: Another notably inoffensive option, ideal for a day to night option that’ll suit regardless of the season.

chrome pure azzaro

Parfums de Marly – Layton Exclusif

Last, but not least, Parfums de Marly’s latest Layton Exclusif is for the man seeking something truly special. Sourcing the finest ingredients available, Layton boasts powerhouse notes such as patchouli from Indonesia, oud from Laos and a sandalwood from Sri Lanka – but to name a few. Sweet, but in a somehow spicy, masculine kind of way (that makes no sense, I know), it’s better suited for evening wear – but will certainly turn heads as a daytime fragrance for the confident man. Albeit a little pricier than some the other options here, you’ll barely need two sprays to keep you smelling sensational for well over eight hours.

Who?: Men seeking a long lasting, rich aroma that’s not worn by the masses.

parfum de marly leyton

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