The Best Men’s Fragrances for Spring 2017

By February 21, 2017Grooming

Check out our favourite fragrances for Spring 2017.

best spring frangrances 2017

With the days getting longer and the chilly nights coming to an end, the time for busting out a light, fresh and interesting scent has come. Out with the ouds and decedent leathery scents, and in with all things citrusy fresh and invigorating. Let’s take a look at some of the best men’s fragrances for the upcoming Spring season 2017.

Calvin Klein – CK One Gold

Continuing its legacy as one of the all-time best scents for men, Calvin Klein’s iconic CK One has been given a fresh, new gold dipped makeover for the current generation. CK One Gold builds on the tradition of it’s world-renowned predecessor with an original new scent that exudes notes of fig, sage and jasmine flowers among a myriad of others. Continuing the unisex nature, a woody undertone add just enough masculinity to keep things balanced.

ck one best men's aftershave

Gucci – Guilty Pour Homme Absolute

Easily up there with the most unique scents to hit the market in 2017, Guilty Pour Homme Absolute follows in the footsteps of Alessandro Michele’s visionary fashion direction with a similarly unapologetic approach to fragrance. With notes of leather, powerful patchouli and vetiver, the hyper-masculine approach to perfumery has made for a distinct and stimulating new scent for the year.

gucci guilty absolute new mens aftershave

Oliver Sweeney – Bosco Selvatico

Masculine, alluring, yet familiar; Oliver Sweeny’s Bosco Selvatico could easily be described as a scent for the man seeking something powerful but unoffensive to add to his daily fragrance collection. With fresh lime and bergamot counteracted by heavier vetiver and oak moss notes – it’s a vibrant aroma perfect for sunny Spring days.

oliver sweeny bosco selvatico the best perfume for men

Paco Rabanne – Ultraviolet Man

Arguably better suited to a Spring evening than as a daytime scent, Paco Rabanne’s Ultraviolet Man is one of the weightier options on this list. With invigorating notes of mint, pepper and spices hitting you outright; the fragrance matures over time with hits of vanilla and oak moss to create a well rounded, masculine, evening fragrance.

paco robanne ultraviolet best men’s perfume

Star Wars – Droid

Ok, so you may think this is a questionable addition to the list, but Star Wars have taken a serious approach with their latest fragrance line, and the collection’s a lot more impressive than you’d imagine. Perfectly suited to spring, the Droid EDP is refreshingly light and citrusy with a perfect counterbalance of musky notes of amber and moss – making for a well rounded scent that won’t break the bank.

star wars droid fragrance

Xerjoff – Ibitira

Not for the man who’s looking to save a quick buck; luxury Italian fragrance brand Xerjoff specialise in the finest quality ingredients that, when combined, make for complex, decadent and incredibly alluring scents. One of our favourites for Spring, Ibitira, combines notes of Bulgarian rose and florentine iris to form a light, unisex powerhouse that’ll leave everyone knowing you’ve just entered the room.

Xerjofff Ibitira

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male Essence

Arguably one of the best men’s fragrances ever, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Essence is a contemporary new twist on the iconic scent we all know – Le Male. A sumptuous, rich and lavish men’s fragrance, the unparalleled combination of deep woody notes and leathers are complemented by alluring lavender and cardamom. Perfect for Spring… or anytime really.

jean paul gaultier man

Home Fragrance: Culti Milano – Diffuser Decor Mareminerale

Not quite what you came for, but if you’re going to invest a few quid in your own scent – why not do the same for your living space? Culti Milano is an artisanal fragrance house specialising in scents for the home. Our favourite, Mareminerale, is a musky, masculine and luxurious aroma that adds an instant lavishness to any space with notes of sea accord, lymph and mineral musk. Trust us, you won’t go back.

culti milano

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