Daily Paper and Alpha Industries Release the MA-1 SPACE Bomber Jacket

By October 9, 2017Style

A first look at the MA-1 SPACE Bomber Jacket.


Daily Paper & Alpha Industries have worked together to create a new boundary-pushing jacket.

The piece has a unique look, likely due to the unusual source of inspiration. The MA-1 bomber jacket was in fact inspired by Zambian scientist Edward Nkoloso’s dream to develop Zambia’s first space program.

The military style of Alpha Industries has been mixed with the more laid-back design of Amsterdam’s very own Daily Paper to create a limited edition capsule of outwear to get you ready for the winter. The Daily Paper x Alpha Industries MA-1 bomber jacket mixes the two brand’s trademark styles featuring colourful embroidery patches and a unique Daily Paper signature silver lining.

You can get yours now on the Daily Paper website, as well as the brand’s flagship store in Amsterdam and other selected retailers.

Take a closer look at the jacket below.



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