Hairclubbing: Drinks with a New Do’

By October 17, 2017Grooming, Hair

For many gents out there, the trip to the salon doesn’t typically go down as the most favourable excursion of the month. Begrudgingly sitting in the barber’s chair and he grunts some archaic nonsense into your ear, for most, makes it a painstaking twenty minutes that’s relatable to some sort of endurance act.

Enter Blade Soho. In a nutshell, the concept revolves around the idea of social hairdressing or ‘hairclubbing’. Drinks while getting your hair done? Who’s not down for that.

While not a new concept, it’s the owner’s passion and execution that makes Blade special. Set over two floors, the salon contains some unique features such as iPad’s set into each chair and a fully functioning bar. Not your typical ‘token’ salon bar either, a range of delicious cocktails, wines and craft beers are on offer that would give any of Blade’s Soho neighbours a run for their money.

The true joy, however, is in Blade’s acceptance and encouragement of you bringing along your friends for moral (or drunken) support. With ample seating for your friends to sit around and chat, drink or dance while you get your hair done is pretty unheard of.

Round up the lads, and get your Saturday night pre-drinking on while getting yourself a new do’ – while not for everyone, we couldn’t think of a better way to multitask!

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