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By October 10, 2017Instagram

Pause meets Cedric Erwan.

What do you use your Instagram for?
I use my Instagram to share my looks, connect with people around the world and get inspired by them as well.

When did you start it?
I started my Instagram a year ago now.

Why did you call yourself Hypeflaw?
My friends used to say my look was really hype but with some flaws on it that made me kind of different from others, so I’ve just decided to take that and this is really how I should describe my style. If that makes sense.

What’s your favourite Instagram photo you’ve taken and why?
My favourite picture that I’ve taken is the one where I was in Berlin actually. This was the first where I started to received messages by people. They were encouraging and just pushed me to post more pictures of my daily outfits.

Describe your style in one word.
One word for my style: Convenient

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from the people I follow on Instagram and people I see on the streets. I travel a lot, so wherever I go I always look at people and try to add a thing that I’ve seen and think that could suit me.

How has Paris influenced your style?
Paris didn’t really influence my style, because I used to live in London before and that’s where I really learnt to express myself.  However Paris brought to my style a touch of minimalism and the chance to play with shapes and volumes.

What are you going to be wearing this AW17?
This AW17, I will try to wear colours, oversized coats and jumpers, these will be my key pieces.

Your favourite brand?
My favourite brand at the moment is Sunnei. Just love the new collection and I can’t wait to shop it.

Tips for taking a good Instagram photo?
A tip for a picture?  I always try to pick a nice location which fits with my outfit and I choose an angle where I can make it look fashionable and cool.

You constantly post consistently, how do you manage your Instagram posts?
I post a lot of pictures because I dress differently everyday and when I feel like this outfit is cool or I really like it, i just post it. I don’t really decide when I should post I just do it when I feel it.


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