Our Favourite Items from the Tommy Jeans 90’s Capsule Collection

By October 13, 2017Fashion News

Here at PAUSE we have selected our favourite items to buy from the Tommy Jeans 90’s Capsule Collection. Shop all items below.

1. Tommy Jeans ‘90s Colourblock Rugby Shirt –  Click here to buy

2. Tommy Jeans Flag Print Backpack – Click here to buy 

3. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Logo Sweatshirt in White – Click here to buy

4. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Jump Logo Trainers Patent in Navy – Click here to buy

5. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Reversible Beanie in Red/Navy – Click here to buy

6. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Overhead Jacket Colourblock in Navy/Yellow – Click here to buy

7. Tommy Jeans ‘90s Colourblock Hoodie- Click here to buy

8. Tommy Jeans Red Salsa Crossbody Bag- Click here to buy

9. Tommy Jeans 90s Satin Bomber M11 Back Embroidery in Navy- Click here to buy

10. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Logo Bucket Hat in Red/White/Blue- Click here to buy

11. Tommy Jeans Colour Block Backpack- Click here to buy

12. Tommy Jeans Capsule Woven Boxers Icon Colour Block in Navy/Red- Click here to buy

13. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Polar Fleece Jacket in Red- Click here to buy

14. Tommy Jeans ‘90s White Long-Sleeve T-shirt – Click here to buy

15. Tommy Jeans Capsule 90’s Colourblock Baseball Cap in Red/Yellow – Click here to buy

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