Take a Look at Every Item from Palace’s Winter 2017 Collection

Winter is coming... and therefore so is Palace's collection.


This week Palace delivered us its “Exactitudes” lookbook displaying their Fall/Winter 2017 collection, and not surprisingly it has put all eyes on this week’s drop. Although now is a great opportunity to look at the weeks ahead of us as the skateboard supplying powerhouse has now unveiled every item scheduled to drop in the following weeks. You can see the pieces below.



So far the hype has been focused on a few items, particularly, the “Palace London Avirex” jacket, perfect for the cold seasons. However, one thing that I personally would hold to a ‘grail’ standard above the rest is the graphic Palasonic tee that is pictured below.


A slice of this collection (pictured below) will be available on the 6th of October in either Palace’s London or New York stores, but before the rest of you get too worried, you can grab your merch from the online store here.


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