Want To Be A Stylist? PAUSE 10 Styling Kit Essentials

By November 29, 2017Fashion News, PAUSE Guide

10 Styling Kit Essentials

So, you want to be a stylist? We have put together the essentials you need for your styling kit.

1. A Suitcase.
This is an obvious one. You need somewhere to put all of the essentials – a small suitcase will do the trick. Our Advice: Get one with four wheels. It is a lot easier to work with.

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2. A Steamer.

Clothes get creased very easily in transit, and nothing is worse than wrinkled clothes in a photoshoot.

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3. A Sewing Kit.

A sewing kit is essential for quick alterations.

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4. Tape.

Double sided tape is best. It can be used for alterations or securing clothes for example.

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5. Wipes.

Clothes can get dirty very easily on-set, make sure you have wipes on hand at all times.

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6. A Notebook and Pen.

Can be used to write down looks, make notes of changes, or anything you need to remember whilst running around on a shoot.

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7. Pop-ons.

These will come in VERY useful when trying to avoid getting make-up on clothes.

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8. Lint Roller.

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9. Labels.

It is always best to label looks when arranging them to stay organised.

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10. Pins.

Safety pins and Bobby Pins – you’ll need both at some point.

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