How to Dress for a Visit to the Casino

By December 18, 2017Fashion News

The casino is a great place to visit with a bunch of friends and the cornerstone of many an evening out.  Whilst a large number of them allow casual visitors, others stipulate a strict dress code in order to secure entry. We take a look at what constitutes suitable casino attire and how you can avoid being turned away due to your fashion choices.

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It is advised to check online before frequenting a casino to see if there is any kind of dress code in place. The glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo’s upmarket establishments will be vastly different to those situated in Blackpool, for example, but if you dress appropriately, you’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy a fun evening of gambling.

There are a number of items which should be avoided at all costs. Even during the height of summertime, it’s always best to forego shorts. Stick to wearing these in the garden or on the beach but at a casino, it’s better to opt for dark jeans, chinos or smart trousers. A number of casinos in Monte Carlo will refuse entry to any members who arrive wearing shorts and even though every operator will have different rules and regulations, it’s always best to minimise the risk of being refused entry. Flip-flops should also be avoided and the same applies for sandals. Comfortable and sensible footwear is advised for all visitors, although this doesn’t necessarily mean dress shoes. Loafers or boat shoes are both decent options and won’t make you stand out amongst a more casual clientele. Other things to avoid include large, unsightly logos on clothing whilst many casinos may look negatively on Hawaiian shirts or any form fancy dress (Unless the theme is James Bond).

Formal wear is generally requested after 6pm, especially if you’re planning on dining at the in-house restaurant. Croupiers can sometimes provide a good guide on how to present yourself formally in these situations and before attending it could be worth analysing some of the examples which can be found in live casino games online, where many are likely to wear a crisply ironed shirt accompanied by a waistcoat and tie. In upmarket establishments, suit jackets may also be added. Whilst you don’t want to ape their style completely, their fashion choices are always a decent yardstick.

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It is important to dress comfortably but not overtly casually. Confidence is a big part of the psychology of visiting a casino and you have to be able to walk in with a bit of a swagger. A striking outfit will help achieve this goal. Don’t wear anything too tight-fitting as you want to minimise distractions at the table and it is imperative to feel relaxed and keep it cool.

With a number of computers and machines all operating under one roof, the air conditioning is constantly in use so there should be few worries about becoming too warm during your visit. Smart overcoats are advised to complete any outfit but it may be worth checking whether there is a cloakroom available upon arrival.

There is no universal dress code for casinos and it is best to judge each one on its individual merit. Always check the website beforehand but avoid anything controversial and a subtle but smart approach is advised. Don’t go overboard unless the casino stipulates it is a black or white tie event and most of all, ensure you feel comfortable in your chosen garments.

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