Recommended Menswear Trends To Watch For

By January 20, 2018Fashion News

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are less drastic transformations as seasons change compared to the variation we see in women’s fashion trends. In 2018, this year’s spring and summer styles for men are a mix of reviving the old, sticking with the tried and tested, and incorporating a few subtle details to add a bit of flare to staple pieces. Let’s take a look at the various different styles for the male population, from the classy to the sporty ones.

The Classic Striped Suit

The classic striped suit never goes out of style. Whether pinstripes or thick lines, this pattern never fails to flatter a man’s physique. Reminisce the dashing gentlemen from the iconic movies The Great Gatsby and Casino Royale. This ensemble is the perfect attire to wear when going to a formal event or an evening at the casino, unless you’d prefer to play poker or roulette online which is a popular option for casino enthusiasts nowadays. It is fascinating to note that even when the casino industry has evolved to make it possible for people to play their favourite games on sites like VegasCasino, the classics like pinstripe suits have always stayed the same and maintained their charm all these years.

Crisp and Clean Whites

This season will see yet another revival of the eighties’ fashion, and one of the easiest ways to achieve the 80s look is to wear white from head to toe. The key is to choose pieces with the same white tone, so you get a nice, solid look that is well put together like the ensemble from Officine Generale’s spring-summer collection. Remember that mixing warm and cool whites will not look good. If you find this trend a bit challenging, you can replace some of the items in your wardrobe with denim, navy, or black leather.

Millennial Pink

The ever popular hue that thrived in 2017 will continue to grace us with its presence in 2018. This warm, blush rose colour will show up in classic get ups to add a splash of colour. You will see in Dunhill’s mostly neutral collection dominated by navy blues, classic browns, and standard blacks that adding this pinkish tone in jackets and tops adds a bit of warmth and casual elegance to one’s overall look. Ermenegildo Zegna’s spring summer collection adds a modern touch to the 80s look by coming up with a loose jacket paired with a pair of baggy pants in millennial pink.

Lavish Sporty

The Louis Vuitton catwalk highlighted bomber jackets, beach shirts, open sandals with large LV logos, compression leggings, and cycling shorts. Active lifestyle has been the trend for 2017 and it is here to stay. It’s all about going out for a jog and going to the beach for some fun in the sun. Mountaineering attire dominates Lanvin’s collection, with parkas accentuated with toggles and cords and elasticated joggers.

The year 2018 opens with some very interesting pieces for men, from classic to sporty clothing. There is a wonderful mix of simple and elegant tones and patterns, as well as bursts of colour and loud prints. Whatever mood or occasion, there is something every gentleman can wear that will complement his personality and style.

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