AIAIAI x Brain Dead Headphone Launch

By February 10, 2018Fashion News, Gadgets

AIAIAI has teamed up with creative collective Brain Dead to release a limited configuration of the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System, available from Dover Street Market from February 9th.

Psycho Sound System is how Brain Dead describes its music curation. The package includes a headphone preset modeled on Brain Dead’s ideal listening specifications, plus a new cassette release by Japanese noise rock two-piece 2Up.

The contents of the box come together to present the unique Brain Dead soundscape channeled through AIAIAI’s modular system. The present provides an open and detailed sound with focus on mids and highs, further emphasizing the lo-fi attitude of the enclosed cassette.

“2up is a musical act that we love. Their music perfectly resembles what we think of when we say Psycho Sound System.” Kyle Ng, co-founder at Brain Dead

The special packaging artwork, designed in-house by Brain Dead, reflects both the collective’s aesthetic senses and the Psycho Sound System concept.

“From the early beginning of the label, we have been attracted to Brain Dead’s great use of graphics. But with the addition of Brain Dead Records, a collaboration seemed like an even greater match” says AIAIAI Creative Director Peter Michael Willer.