CPHFW: Han Kjøbenhavn Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

By February 1, 2018Fashion News

Walking into to a foggy warehouse, centred with a visual representation of patients in a caged mental institution, Han Kjøbenhavn’s IMPERFECT SANITY theme was a gripping experience from start to finish.

Pieces from the collection varied in tartan, denim and earth tones, with the edge and practicality that remains true to the brand.

Check out the interview by Anna-Marie Descartes:

How would you describe this collection?

The concept behind this collection was “imperfect sanity”. It reflects being able to be, I hate using the word “different” but, it’s about being yourself and knowing that it’s okay to be different. Not that “silly uncle at a birthday” different, but significantly different. I believe that when you embrace that fact within yourself, you travel to new places where you are able to create. You can do it as a designer but also as a human being in general.

The imperfect part of the concept, you’ll see that in all the silhouettes. We’ve created everything to be a-symmetrical – that’s how we’ve built the concept in and then we also have these armored textures to prepare you for the world outside.


What is your favourite piece from this collection?

I like to put stuff out there which is so simple that you can wear it everyday so the FALL COLOURED TEE that can be worn with a pair of jeans or the cropped armoured pants.

How do you prepare for an event as big as Fashion Week?


I think this is our tenth show so now, I think people just except different concepts and stuff from us. I think that whenever we build a collection, we build a concept where we already know where we are going to take it. This concept was built half a year to a year ago so there’s not too much pressure except for putting the pieces together – but I’m never too stressed.

How is this one different from any other collection you’ve done before?


We were better prepared. We really planned it well so all we had to do was wait for the transport to take us here.

What advice would you give to any young, aspiring designers?


I would advise them to make sure they nourish everything around their brand and nourish every collection well.