How to Simplify Your Style

By February 20, 2018Guest Post

So perhaps you want to have a more organized wardrobe, or want to get rid of some clothes that you don’t wear anymore. You may even just want to start fresh, with a simple, yet fashionable style that you feel comfortable in, that doesn’t take much effort. Doing so can be beneficial for various reasons.

You create much more space in your closet

If you have a small closet, having fewer clothes will be such a blessing. If you do have a large closet or even a walk-in closet, it will at least feel more organized and clean and you can add other elements for practicality or simple décor.

You will most likely save money in the long run

A simplified style will mean spending less money overall on clothing, but also mean spending less on new items, because you will learn to mix and match your basics very well.

You could be helping others

Cleaning out your closet can definitely benefit someone in need. Just take everything you no longer wear or have no use for and donate it. Look into the clothing donation containers beforehand to make sure you are donating to an organization that actually donates the clothes rather than selling them second hand. Brands like Esprit even offer stylish basic collections made of organic textile, which is not only beneficial to you and the people involved in making your clothing, but also to the environment.


Finding your personal style

Yes, even a simplified style can be your unique style and with the right mix and match of pieces you will create something that works well for you. With that will also come wave of confidence.

It will save you time

Hours of shopping and checking out different shops to find something that catches your eye will no longer be an issue. Once you have found your simplified style, you will know where to buy the basics that you need, and once these are worn out, you can buy them again-possibly in different colors.

Let’s simplify!

One way to simplify your style is to commit to a minimalistic wardrobe. Generally this will mean that you don’t need a large number of clothing pieces to dress well. It basically expresses the saying: less is more. While you will have to take the first step of purchasing the right items to go with this minimalistic wardrobe, once that is done, it will be very easy to replace and/or add items when necessary.

Choosing the right color palette will be a key step for a stylish yet minimalistic style. Starting by choosing your signature color, you will then move on to determine which color palette you like most. There are some guides you can find online that will help you choose the right colors to pair with your base color of choice.

Experiment with colors

Once you know which base color and which highlight colors you want to try, you have to play around with the combinations a bit. This will show you which colors you want to have more of and which ones just don’t work that well for you. Depending on your skin tone and even your hair color, certain colors may be more flattering while other colors look good in theory but once you are wearing them, may not suit your personal taste.

Instead of going by what colors or tones are trendy at the moment, picking the colors that match well with your look and skin tone may positively surprise you. And if you have a few pieces in your wardrobe that already fit into the minimalistic style you are going for, you may want to use these as a basis and work around that.

Most importantly, however: have fun with all of the colors, experimenting and sorting through old clothes. You will feel more organized and de-cluttered once it is done and most likely much more stylish and comfortable. I mean-who wouldn’t want to open their closet and only see pieces that they like?