PAUSE Tests: The OnePlus 5T ‘Lava Red’

By February 22, 2018Fashion News

For those who like Apple design and Android Software

With its smooth aluminum, fiery-red exterior covering all but the impressive full optic AMOLED 18:9 screen, the ‘Lava Red’ variation of the OnePlus 5T mobile is a beautiful piece of kit. But the 5T is more than just a vibrant fashion accessory, it has both the beauty and the brains. Featuring an advanced 16+20mp dual camera, face detection technology and the effortless OxygenOS software – described as “the best of Android, refined”, this OnePlus model is almost too easy to use.

Although the fingerprint scanner on the back is neat and the sunlight display (which adapts to harsh light automatically) is useful, it’s the ‘Dash Charge’ that blew the PAUSE team away. Just charging the phone for half-an-hour gives the OnePlus 5T enough power for the day. OnePlus takes inspiration from the best smartphones on the market whilst also taking into consideration the most common complaints of such devices, to create the 5T, a worthy competitor on the market.

The OnePlus 5t ‘Lava Red’ is available now online.

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