SPOTTED: Tinie Tempah Head to Toe in Burberry

By February 20, 2018Celebrity Style, Spotted

An outstanding fit.

Due to London Fashion Week we have had the pleasure of seeing all our favourite figures dressed to the nines while making appearances at our most loved label’s displays, and today is no exception. As you can see below Tinie Tempah was spotted on his way to Burberry’s latest show while making his love for the fashion house loud and clear. In fact the English rapper, singer and songwriter rocked Burberry from head to toe and did so with the utmost of style. Specifically, Tinie rocked a pink Burberry jacket stratified upon a white Burberry sweater as well as Burberry trousers and a pair of vivid green Burberry sneakers. Furthermore, the English weather didn’t stop the creative from sporting sunglasses that complimented his low hanging necklace well. Take a look at the fit below.

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