The Danish brand, Twelvepieces continues their storytelling by taking us through the streets of Cairo, as seen through the eyes of the head designer, Amir Hassan, who was raised in Cairo, Egypt. The new collection labelled ‘Roots’ is a very limited and exclusive collection and each piece tells a story about the cultural heritage of the head designer. The collection features Arabic calligraphy with words like ‘freedom’ and ‘brotherhood’, where this collection represents a more peaceful and beautiful side of Egypt.

“I think it is very important to represent and showcase both sides of Egypt. Though the country has been suffering from various dictators and corrupt politicians for years, I think it is important to stay positive and showcase Egypt and our culture on a larger scale than just my 24 years in this world. For me, the pyramids, sand dunes, camelbacks and hieroglyphs are among the things I find beautiful and inspiring. Not only does it represent a time when Egypt was a frontier for what would be a modern society, it also helps me visualize the culture and tell the story about Egypt and – of course – my Roots.”

– Amir Hassan –

The collection features the brand’s classic oversized pieces, such as tee’s, hoodies, pants, skirts, bomber jackets and coats, and also includes accessories and headpieces, with prices of the entire collection ranging from €80 – €700. Each piece is cut & sewn with the most exclusive materials, donning the luxury of 100 % silk, soft touch cotton and unblended genuine leather. The collection is available at and selected stores worldwide.

Check out the collection and the campaign below…

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The Collection

The Campaign

Click Here To Shop The Collection
Click Here To Shop The Collection
Click Here To Shop The Collection

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