Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE Brand To Release Energy Drinks

By February 28, 2018Fashion News

Virgil Abloh’s latest venture is a slight detour from fashion and it’s certainly not white, or OFF-WHITE.

Fashion house OFF-WHITE have teamed up with French food and juice restaurant Wild & the Moon to create two new health inspired energy drinks.

The two juices “Blue Magic” and “Better Than Botox” are a concoction of fruit and vegetables enriched in nutrients said to be perfect for the health conscious and the super busy.

“Better Than Botox” is a non-pasteurized fruit juice containing apples, cucumbers, Swiss chard, pomegranates, aloe vera, and mint leaves, alongside other “calming ingredients” to pamper your skin and leave your complexion looking rejuvenated.

“Blue Magic”, however, is a bright blue concoction which contains herbs and vitamins like thyme flower concentrate and its namesake, blue majik — a type of blue spirulina rich in protein, iron and betacarotene.

The OFF-WHITE and Wild & the Moon collaboration drinks will be available to purchase from Bon Marché throughout Paris Fashion Week between February 24th and March 31st.

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