SPOTTED: Ian Connor in ALYX Studios Chest Rig Pouch

“Alyx My Chest”


Alyx My Chest, Came In This Bitch With Matt!

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Here at PAUSE, it’s not the first time we have noticed Ian Connor’s apparent love for ALYX Studios. With other fans of the brand being amongst the likes of Kanye West, it is not surprising to see ALYX’s rise in popularity over the past few years.

Having been spotted numerous times in 2017 sporting luxe pieces from Matthew M. Williams’ high-functionality collections, Ian has again taken to his official Instagram to show support and love for the brand, this time alongside Matthew M. Williams himself. Both Ian and Williams’ pose together, sporting the iconic ALYX Studios ‘Chest Rig’.

Unfortunately, the bad news is the ‘Chest Rig’ is currently out of stock.