Converse Gives the GOLF le FLEUR* One Star a Two-Toned Revamp for Summer

Mixing it up.

After being teased by Tyler himself, the Converse GOLF le FLEUR* One Star is set to be released in a variety of two-toned iteration just in time for the summer.

Specifically, the now classic pair have undergone a major colour scheme mix up leaving us with four new iterations of the shoe that feature the following two-toned combinations, pink and orange, red and blue, purple and green, and finally, blue and pink. However, for ease these have been named  ‘Plum’, ‘Molten’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Candy’. If you are have been a fan of the duo’s collaborative outputs in the past or if are simply curious to see how the upcoming shoes will look, take a look at the following images. If you decide you want to get your hands on a pair, get ready as they will be available on the 31st of May and will retail for around £85.