Do’s and Dont’s for Men Shaving

By May 21, 2018Grooming

Image Source: Pixabay

When you were little you probably wished to become a grown man, with a nice beard, always wearing a costume and caring around a suitcase. However, while growing up, things may change and you might start to struggle with the shaving routine, and with irritated face. Skincare for men may be a drag. Therefore, following certain habits can really be a game changer.

Remember that you can obtain a smooth feeling only when you use quality shaving products. Studies show that the average man spends over six months of his life shaving. On you will find reviews for some of the best shaving products. Furthermore, you may also read about shaving techniques that can transform you into a grooming guru.

Do’s for Men Shaving

1.Go with the Grain

After you have applied a pre-shave oil and you have used a warm, damp towel to open your pores, make sure you start shaving in the direction of hair growth. If you shave against the direction of hair growth, this may cause razor burn and ingrown hair.

2.Sharp Blade

When you start the shaving process, make sure you use a sharp blade. If the blade does no longer glide across your face, it means you should change it. A blade that drags across your skin can cause severe irritation. Depending on how often you shave, you may need to change the blade every week.

3.Exfoliate First

Before you start shaving, it is extremely important to exfoliate. If you do not do this, applying that shaving foam on your face will not help. The shaving foam will not be able to get through that layer of dead skin cells on your face if you do not exfoliate.

4.Use Post-Shave Balm

Forget about the after-shave that contains alcohol. Alcohol will only irritate your skin. However, it is advisable for you to use a post-shave balm to diminish the discomfort from shaving and reduce irritation.

5.Rinse Razor

In order to obtain a closer shave, make sure you rinse your razor before every new stroke. Keep in mind that it is better to use short strokes. In this way, you avoid buildup which prevent your razor from working appropriately. When buildup accumulates, you can get patchier results.

Dont’s for Men Shaving

1.Don’t Shower Before Shaving

Some specialists argue that it is best to take a hot shower before shaving to open the pores on your face. However, the hot water and the steam also prevent your skin’s natural oils from doing their job and you might irritate after shaving.

2.Don’t Soap Up

Don’t even think about washing your face with soap before you shave. Soap is barely recommended for hands, let alone your face. It will only dry up your skin and increase the risk of irritation. Make sure you use a liquid face wash instead or a multi-action lathering gel. The gel is likely to unclog pores and dissolve excess oil for a stress-free shave.

3.Don’t Dry-Shave

The worst thing you could do is give up on shaving foam. This definitely increases your chances to irritate your skin. If you avoid using shaving foam, you are likely to experience cuts when you do not protect your skin from the blade’s harshness.

4.Don’t Use Fragrance-Heavy Products

Avoid using fragrance-heavy lotions, deodorants or colognes after you shave. You should keep those heavy-scented products away from your skin since you are likely to inflict more damage. Your skin will become irritate. Before using any product, make sure you read the label.

5.Don’t Use Long Strokes

It is better to use the sharp blade in short strokes. This way, you prevent buildup and avoid ending up with a lot of patches. If you want a smooth, clean shave you should use short strokes and rinse the razor after each stroke. Furthermore, when you use long strokes you have greater chances of experiencing cuts depending on the pressure you put on the razor.


The shaving routine is part of every man’s life. What you need to do is make sure you purchase quality shaving and skincare products to prevent irritation of the skin. This way, you will be able to obtain a clean, close shave and a smooth skin. Always use pre-shave and after-shave products but prevent using those which contain alcohol. Use oils and balms to hydrate your skin and change the blades to your razor on a weekly basis. Implement the tricks and tips that you find useful into your shaving routine for a better skincare.