Heron Preston shows us the new ‘Business Class’

By May 10, 2018Fashion News

Heron Preston recently showcased his "AIRBORNE" capsule, showing us his take on the new "Business Class"

A cultural icon in the youth culture movement, Heron Preston recently exhibited  ‘AIRBORNE ‘, a unisex capsule he’s dubbed as the new ‘Business Class’.

A collaborator of Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, Heron’s recent collection is smart-casual themed, pairing long sleeves with blazers and side bags. Dressed in his signature СТИЛЬ logo, as well as ‘Business Class’ graphics, the collection ranges from T-shirts and long sleeves to accessories like hats, socks and the beloved side bags, including a take on an Airport Security Poster.

Heron celebrated the release of his new collection with an Aiport Security Check themed launch event held at LANDMARK, a popular Hong Kong pop-up location where he performed a live DJ set with some help from his friends.

See more of the collection in the images below or pick up your favourites from the online store today.