Yeezy Calabasas Trackpant 2.0 Revealed

The Calabasas trackpant gets an upgrade.

Kanye might be currently causing a storm through controversial tweets and peculiar new music, but the YEEZY brand continues its work in shaping current streetwear fashions. The popular Calabasas trackpants are making a return later this year – this time planned to release in 13 different colours.

The colours include:Pt Fade/Pt Birch, Pt Wolves/Pt Forest, Pt Ink/Pt Wolves, Pt Fade/Pt Wolves, Pt Ink/Pt Birch, Pt Ink/Pt Luna, Pt Luna/Pt Ink, Pt Luna/Pt Wolves, Pt Forest/Pt Luna, Pt Fade/Pt Luna, Pt Forest/Pt Ink, Pt Wolves/Pt Luna,               Pt Wolves/Pt Ink.

Whilst no official information on the Calabasas Trackpant 2.0 has been announced, two of the colourways have been leaked. Take a look at the Ink/Wolves and Luna/Wolves trackpants below: