SPOTTED: Wiz Khalifa in Vetements, Camo and Converse

A perfect combination.

Wiz Khalifa, the American rapper responsible for hits such as ‘See You Again’, ‘KK’ and ‘Black and Yellow’ was spotted recently in New York with the SiriusXM team adorned in a refreshing fit. Specifically, the creative adorned himself with an array of pieces, all of which complemented each other perfectly.

As for what items we saw, a black beanie kicked the fit off while his torso rocked an orange “STAFF” Vetements tee. From here Wiz opted for a pair of camo pants that ran down to his loosely-tied black Converse Chuck Taylors. Take a look at his fit to the right, if you like what you see then click the buttons below to get your hands on some of his gear.