Bristol Studio Explores Sports as Art in New SS19 Presentation

By July 12, 2018Fashion News

Also featuring work from The Shoe Surgeon.

For SS19 the forward-thinking label, Bristol Studio, has pondered further in depth into the very question the brand was built upon, can a sport or sports be considered a form of art and where do the lines between sport and art blur? Its a difficult question yet the label has done an excellent job at exploring it by producing a collection that consists of a number of sportswear staples all re-imagined with heavyweight and lightweight mesh as well as deconstructed and reversible detailing.

Furthermore, Bristol Studio and adidas Originals teamed up with The Shoe Surgeon in order to design and create 3 never-before-seen Crazy BYWs (Boost You Wear) that are adorned via a sculptural approach that sees the brand emphasize the 3-D nature of the footwear by giving the Quarter on each shoe a three-dimensional texture.

Bristol Studio’s Luke Tadashi had this to say about the collection: “I designed SS–19 with the intention of blurring the lines between sport + art. I always felt my most creative, as a kid, on the basketball court. When designing, I’m always chasing that creative feeling, trying to rediscover and recapture it.” Take a look at the offerings imagery below.

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