PAUSE Eats: HECK Burgers

By August 22, 2018Lifestyle, Restaurant

This week (Thursday) is National Burger Day and HECK have launched a new range. They are all gluten-free so therefore guilt-free. With options like Zesty Chicken with peppery watercress and lemon, they even recommend how best to serve them.



Also, there is the Majestic Pork Burger with sweet ginger and American mustard. This serving suggestion is on a rosti with a red onion relish. with only 20 mins cooking time in the oven, no need to wait for a BBQ day to serve these up.



Most of the range is dairy-free, it’s popular with fitness fans and weight-watchers being eaten as part of a healthy diet. Known for its sausages since 2015, there was the creation of HECK’s Majestic sausage for the royal wedding in April. This was kept on sale due to demand and then the recipe inspired the burger.

Some are only available online, other both online and in Waitrose.

The range includes:


Simply Chicken Burger

Spring Chicken Burger

Zesty Chicken Burger

Majestic Burger (Pork)



See the whole range and order here.

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