COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT Fuses Star Wars and Barbie with New Tote

By September 16, 2018Fashion News, Style

Especially perfect if you are a fan of both.

The iconic Japanese fashion label, COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT, has come out with a sentimental piece for all of those who want to reminisce about their sweet childhood memories. Specifically, the brand has done so via the release of a tote that is adorned with two pieces of cult classic entertainment.

As for the design, the accessory is split roughly in half in terms of aesthetics, one half sporting Star Wars imagery while the other reps Barbie, all of which surrounds the central COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT branding that sits right in the middle. Take a look at the bag below, if you like what you see then click the following button to shop it for £220.


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