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Jax Jones

Talks music & fashion

The iconic British music festival ‘Leeds Festival’ took over August Bank holiday weekend with performances from some of the biggest artists in the world on their Relentless Stage. PAUSE caught up with Jax Jones, live beat-maker and multi-instrumentalist, and chatted all things music and fashion.

When did you get to Leeds?

I got into Leeds 10 minutes before my set and I just jumped on stage. The traffic was mad but the set was incredible, I played here last year and it was good but this year it was even better.

Why was it better? What was different?

I guess, well… I’m more famous this year, so the crowd were very ready, before the minute I even stepped on stage. And every song was just a weapon it was sick.

When you say you’re more famous this year what do you mean by that?

I’ve just had more successful songs and people know what I’m about. People know what to expect, rather than people just going to check him out and see if he’s any good. They know what I’m going to do and they know they are going to have it for an hour!

What’s your favourite song of yours?

I don’t really have one you know? Probably ‘House Work’ because it started it all off, and then the first one I did though was ‘I Got You’ and it’s about my wife.

Is there anything that you’ve got coming up in the future that you’re working on?

Yeah, so many records, we’re doing an album that’s coming out in January so I’m just taking some time off in October to get all the vocals in and finished off. I’ve also been in the Studio with some sick people like Jess Glynne and Ellie Goulding, just doing my ting man and seeing what’s happening.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

If I was being completely honest I would love to not do a collaboration and just stick with myself and have a record that would just stand on its own. Collaborations don’t really bother me in terms of how big they are, it’s more about the talent so I would probably like to do one on my own terms and see how it goes that way.

What’s the vibe that you want to give out tonight when you go on stage?

Tonight’s just pure DJ-ing so I just get to play my selection and the tunes that I’m not putting in my set you know? Today I performed live so it was all Jax Jones music, but this is more about being in the forest, you’ll probably hear a lot of techno, to be honest with you!

And what does it mean for you to create music?

Wow, so to me music is a vehicle to make my life better, I enjoy it but it’s also a way out at the same time.

Describe your music in one word.

‘Sick’ *laughter*

A better word than that!

Happy dance music, you have to give me more than one word!

So what kind of Brands are you feeling? I see you’re rocking a Gucci hat at the moment.

Man’s got the Heron Preston NASA ting somewhere, I feel Stone Island and have just started busting Sergio Tacchini recently. I’ve also been busting the Danny Dyer thing since the festival season started but it’s bits and bobs really. Fila as well as I’m on that tennis hype at the moment. That’s about it really, although I do wear a lot of swim shorts.

So you’re a swim shorts guy?

Yeah, so anything goes on top, but probably Burberry or Gosha Rubchinskiy. That’s one of my favourite outfits actually, I wore it at British Summer Time as it was one of the first times they included me on the line up so that was sick. Burberry is one for feeling special.

If you had to pick one brand to wear all the time what would it be?

I hate saying this but my favourite purchase this summer was probably an Off-White velour oversized woollen jumper with “TEMPERATURE” on it. I bought it in Japan and got ripped-off as I paid double the price but it’s so comfortable. It’s probably my favourite thing I’ve bought this year, it’s very stunty but flossy at the same time.

Who inspires you in terms of style?

I look at Danny Dyer and I think that’s sick but it’s funny cause he’s not really known as an icon. I think I get inspired more from films and things like that. I actually got put onto Gosha when Pharrell did that collaboration with Wu Yifan during Alibaba Singles’ Day. I don’t really have someone that I buy into, I just look at the general culture and see the vibes.

What about music, what inspires you musically?

Techno inspires me a lot, I love taking underground things and combining that with Pop sensibilities, I just find it fun.

What are your aims for the future?

My aim is to have a top 10 album next year, to conquer the US and come back and play mainstage, although maybe that will be 2020!

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