SPOTTED: Jaden Smith in MSFTSrep, Custom New Balance x Louis Vuitton and Thrashers

By September 16, 2018Celebrity Style, Spotted

Shoes you might not want to skateboard in.

Jaden Smith is an American actor, rapper, singer and songwriter who has been able to carve his own unique aesthetic out amidst the busy fashion scene he often found himself in as he was growing up. Well, yet again we have seen the creative offer evidence that his style is his and his only as he stepped out in an array of notable wear.

Specifically, Jaden was spotted in a light blue MSFTSrep hoodie that sat beneath a flame decorated utility vest. Furthermore, Smith was seen adorned in a huge piece of ‘rolling loud’ jewellery as well as his custom New Balance x Louis Vuitton sneakers which we hope he didn’t skate in when he rode his Thrashers-gripped skateboard.

Take a look at his fit opposite, if you like what you see then click the following button to shop a similar pair of shoes from Louis Vuitton.


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