Kendrick Lamar’s Nike Cortez is Set to Drop This Month

By October 3, 2018Fashion News, Sneakers


Compton’s very own rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Kendrick Lamar, is set to drop his third collaborative pair of Nike sneakers this month, however, this time he is settling back down with his “HOUSE SHOES” after his whole Damn era is coming to an end.

Specifically, the upcoming pair, of course, takes on Kun-Fu Kenny’s favourite Silhouette, the Nike Cortez, however this time the piece has left the traditional lacing system behind as this forward-thinking design sees the wearer slip the sneakers on before fastening them with elasticated tab found on the back of the heel.

As for the design, the sneakers arrive with thunder blue, wolf grey and orange sitting upon a white base while the usual lacing area is padded out with the word “HOUSE SHOES” woven in black across the verticle red strip running down the centre of the front. Take a look at the pair below, if you like what you see stay tuned to find out when specifically the pair are set to drop this month.

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