SPOTTED: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Carrying on Their Summer Aesthetic

Out and about once again.

The power couple made up from the Canadian singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber, and the American model and television personality, Hailey Baldwin, were seen carrying on their summer aesthetic as they wondered through L.A. not long ago.

Specifically, while on their travels Justin was seen rocking a basic white tee and matching cap, while turning to a pair of white and light-blue PUMA shorts for his legs and Nike Air Force 1 High PSNY sneakers for his feet. As for Hailey, she was spotted adorned in a denim jacket layered upon a pink knit top that harmonized in colour with her burgundy tracksuit.

Take a look at both of them opposite, if you like the look of Justin’s shoes then click the following button to cop them yourself.


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