Weekday and the Non Violence Project Links up for Ethically-Inspired Collection and Project

By October 9, 2018Fashion News

A peaceful collaboration.

The Swedish denim and fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style, Weekday, has teamed up with the Non-Violence Project, a non-profit organization that promotes solving conflicts without violence through educational programs, for Autumn/Winter 2018. Specifically, Weekday’s partnership with the organization comes in two parts, the first being a heavy selection of collaborative goods and the second being a newly formed network of spokespersons for peace.

As for what this network titled ‘Peace Force’ comprises of, 9 individuals who in some way or another have been affected by violence and therefore decided to take a stand against it have come forward in order to offer guidance to those who may need it. The start of Peace Force comes in the form of a campaign with Weekday promoting the initiative, followed by a chance to work closely with the Non-Violence Project to inspire, engage and motivate young people to solve conflicts without violence.

As for the collection, the set of offerings, of course, saw the Non-Violence Project leave their mark on a number of pieces with the most notable of which being the main graphic that depicts the “knotted gun” NVP logo, originally created by Swedish artist, Carl Fredrik Reutersward, as a tribute to John Lennon who was shot and killed in New York City in 1980. When it came to the colour, the duo sourced inspiration from European emergency vehicles using greens, oranges and blacks for the garment’s hues.

The  CEO of the Non-Violence Project Foundation, Blaise Oberson, had this to say: “Since 1993 we have held violence prevention programs around the world, focusing on conflict management, self-esteem building, and non-violence. With Weekday lending us their voice and support, we hope to reach an even broader audience; a young group of aware and active social influencers who can spread our message in new inspiring ways.” Take a look at the collection’s imagery below, if you like what you see then make sure to shop your favourites on the 11th of October from Weekday’s online store and support the project in any way you can.

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