Samsung Announces Collaboration With Fake Supreme Brand

By December 10, 2018Fashion News

Who's going to tell them?

Everyone wants to bag a collaboration with the iconic skate and streetwear brand, Supreme, however very few are lucky enough to do so. That’s likely why Samsung China’s Head of Marketing should have thought it was too good to be true when Supreme seemingly confirmed that they would do a collaboration with them.

Specifically, at the South Korean tech conglomerate’s launch event for its Galaxy A8s phone in China, the company’s head of marketing for China was seen announcing a joint collaboration with Supreme, stating that it would be their first venture into China. Needless to say, everyone was amazed before the duo who claimed to be the CEOs of Supreme made their way to the stage.

From here the fakers began to announce how “Supreme” are not only planning on doing their first runway at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai next year but that they would also be entering the Chinese market in 2019 with a seven-story flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing.

As of yet, no comments have been made from Supreme or Samsung, however many are wondering whether the tech company were aware that this was not the real brand or if they were just taking what they could get. Stay tuned to find out more once the story develops.

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