SPOTTED: Diddy, Naomi and Drake Go Formal For Oscars


The two much-loved rappers, Drake and Diddy, were recently spotted alongside the iconic English model, actress, and businesswoman that is Naomi Campbell at a pre-Oscars event.

As for what the three were wearing, the renowned Canadian artist turned to a simple combination, consisting of a formal black suit and a clean white turtleneck the creative proved that less can in fact be more. Diddy, on the other hand, went for something a little starker, rocking a white tuxedo that contrasted fashionably with his black bowtie and pocket handkerchief. Last but definitely not least, Naomi opted for a dress that provided a semi-translucent floral-type aesthetic that, of course, she pulled off with ease.

Take a look at the three of them opposite, if you like what you see then click the following button to shop a similar turtleneck to Drake’s


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