The Importance of Being Brand-Conscious: Dress Codes in Live Video Streaming

By March 28, 2019Guest Post

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but sometimes, this is exactly what you should prepare for. Anyone involved in live video streaming these days knows that appearances do matter, and there are important dress codes associated with internet culture. From professionals who use live streaming as part of their job, like fashion vloggers or those working in the online gaming industry, to job interviews on Skype, there are certain tips that you shouldn’t miss.

Online Gamers: A Whole New Market

It is not secret that the gaming industry has seen an incredible boom in the past few years. With so many great titles available, like last year’s massive hit Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games or the mobile gaming sensation Fortnite, more and more players are drawn to the joys of online gaming. In fact, last year the industry was the most lucrative sector across the US entertainment industry, rising to $35.8 billion in terms of software revenue. By contrast, consumers spent $23.3 billion in home video purchases, $11.9 billion in cinema tickets and a mere $9.9 billion for music content. A big part of that culture, and also one of the reasons it has grown so strong, is online gaming streaming on platforms like sector leader Twitch. Professional gamers who play their favorite titles live while chatting with fans and providing humorous commentary have amassed an enormous following and in essence kickstarted the appeal of eSports.

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These pro players are emerging as the new celebrities across a far-reaching audience – and they need to have a clear brand that their followers can connect to. This is expressed not only through the titles they play or their distinctive gaming style, but also their clothing style. Every gamer will choose clothes that reflect their personality and are true to their brand. Fashion designers are onto this, and they have begun launching clothing lines that have a clear gamer focus. Choices vary and could be anything from casual, laidback streetwear to retro-chic arcade nostalgia or unconventional, even eccentric pieces for fashionable gamers. Fashion labels see it as a great opportunity to tap into the potential of a youthful target audience in search of ways to define their lifestyle. There are even fashions brands, like Filthy Casual, that were started by gamers looking for a chance to combine their passion for gaming with their love for fashion.

Dress for the Virtual Job

Dressing in order to impress in online streaming is inevitably associated with the brand you represent. This is the case in another sector of online gaming, online casinos, which has expanded to include live casino games. In this particular segment, real casino dealers connect with players through live video, in an effort to simulate the land-based casino atmosphere. Online provider Betway Casino in particular uses high-definition live streaming and multi-camera tech to make the experience even more realistic. But at the end of the day, it all hinges on the dealer’s attitude – and also on the appropriate choice of style. A professional, black-tie equivalent attire will set the mood and allow the player to get immersed in the environment, feeling that it is just like the real deal.

In cases where a job interview is conducted through video streaming – which is becoming commonplace in our modern, globalized world – all the standard dress code rules for a job interview still apply. According to research, 55% of a potential employer’s first impressions are influenced by how a candidate dresses, while 65% of managers tasked with hiring a new employee have stated that when two candidates are similar, clothes could be what makes the scales tip in favor of one or the other. Dressing professionally is a must, but also depending on what type of company you are interviewing for. A dark two-piece suit with a conservative tie is hard to beat, but when your potential candidate is a startup or a creative firm then chino trousers and a buttoned shirt might be a better choice.

Fashion Vloggers: Style Tips in HD

The fashion vlogging community is growing fast and has established itself as a strong contender for the fashion blogging scene, attracting millions of followers worldwide. This is no surprise, as research indicates that 80% of viewers would rather watch a live video than read a blog, and 82% prefer a live video compared to posts on social media platforms. Fashion vloggers like fashion designer Justine LeConte, plus-sized fashion guru Kellie Brown behind And I Get Dressed, or Jenn Im who is famous for her haul videos where she shows off her shopping spree loot, are famous around the globe. And of course, when fashion is your brand, you need to practice what you preach: most fashion vloggers not only need to dress smart, but they use the opportunity of vlogging to showcase particular fashion items or style choices and inspire fans.

As live and video streaming continues to grow as an industry, we need to remember that several elements that are established in real life are equally important in the virtual world – and professional dress codes are certainly one of them.

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