PAUSE EATS: The Baltic

By April 9, 2019Lifestyle, Restaurant

A brand new Sunday brunch offering.

This Eastern and CentraL European restaurant has partnered with Kavka Vodka.

You can enjoy a menu that includes salmon and caviar, pierogi (cheesy dumplings) and placki (potato rostis topped with Gravadlax or black sausage). Just near Southbank,

the stunning 18th-century venue is a former coach builder’s works.

With 40 foot wooded trussed ceiling’s and skylight, it makes for a grand-feeling dining experience at just £18.50 for two dishes. You even get a choice of Kavka Bloody Mary or soft option included.


My friend and I split our four dishes between us so got to try plenty more.

To ease a hangover or get tasty fuel before shopping and galleries,

it’s a perfectly located gem in London serving dishes from Poland, Russia and Hungry.


See their site for more info. As well as brunch, there is jazz on a Sunday night and private dining options.

Book a table here.   

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