Nike’s Smart Footwear Revolution

By May 23, 2019Fashion News

Sneaker Innovation.

Earlier this year Nike introduced an incredible new smart shoe innovation – the Nike Adapt BB self-lacing basketball shoes. Touted as the “the future of footwear”, buy these innovative Nike shoes at any Australia shoe retailer. The shoes provide a fit like a glove, adapted to any foot type and gait. The self-lacing footwear also has additional features like lights and the latest in comfort and protection.

Made to Survive Basketball

As the latest sneaker debacle with Zion Williamson and his exploding shoes attests, having the right sneaker that fits your foot perfectly is key to surviving the rough and tumble of basketball. More than smart sneakers for work or casual strolls at the park, the new self-lacing Adapt BB is meant to survive the traction, friction, sprints, and slips of basketball. A great basketball sneaker survives the quick-cut movements and protects the foot from constant shock. Equipped with the absolute latest in Nike’s signature comfort and protection materials and technology, the Adapt BB will survive many long hours on the court.

The Hidden Technology

The Nike team explored over fifty tests to find the ideal self-lacing method. A small motor activates when you push a button on the sneaker’s midsole or on your Adapt app. The motor pulls a thin parachute chord hidden in the shoe. The parachute cinches to fit like a glove around your foot. Using the textile called Quadfit, common in Nike soccer shoes, the Adapt BB can withstand the force of sudden lateral changes in direction during a game.

The complex technology underneath the material is something straight out of a science fiction film. The tiny machinery includes a Bluetooth sensor, three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, a battery that charges wirelessly, and a tiny motor. All of these components work together to fit the shoe around your foot carefully and accurately. Truly a marvel of 21st century sneaker technology!

Despite all of this gadgetry, the Adapt BB is very light. Lacing is both waterproof and dustproof. The shoes were tested thousands of times at high levels of force and wear. The sneaker also collects data on your gait and run, which is stored by Nike. The company plans to use this data to send customized tips to the runner through the app. The software updates to date have had mixed success. It may seem Orwellian to have technical difficulties with your shoes, but this is just one small step in the inevitable trend towards smart sneakers as a norm.

Why Self-Lacing Shoes Anyway?

One question that might come up is “Why do we need self-lacing shoes anyway?” Besides the advantages of having shoes that fit your feet perfectly, smart shoes like Adapt BB may be ideal for those who need help tying their sneakers from the elderly to the arthritic to the disabled. Increasingly technology is stepping in when our bodies fail. While these shoes may be created for basketball players the self-lacing technology may become a mainstay for other demographics over time. The additional feature of collecting data will also provide potential runners with extra knowledge about their gait and foot health can be adapted to almost anyone. The Nike Adapt BB revolutionizes the sneaker industry.

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