PAUSE or Skip: Maison Margiela “Bumblegum Mix” Fusion Sneakers

The latest rendition.

Maison Margiela recently unveiled a reworked version of it’s deconstructed Fushion sneakers, upgrading the avant-garde shoe with a new colourway.

Sporting its rough around the edges look with bits of the sneaker appearing to be torn off and reassembled using glue and duct tape, the sneaker dons a new “Bubblegum Mix” colourway consisting of pink, gum-like materials on the midsole, carbon fibre panels that overlap the lacing system that sits on the white leather upper. With its pre-worn look, the shoe features an outer cage with a similar pink-hue, asymmetrical lacing and leather eyelets, that are all rounded up by the glue drips, sewing and duct detailing that give the sneaker it’s striking aesthetics.

While the Bubblegum Mix colourway is currently only available in Japan, you can shop a similar pair here. Let us know whether these are a PAUSE or Skip in the comments below:



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