Why You Need a Track Jacket to Complete Your Wardrobe

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A SS19' Wardrobe Essential.

Once a favourite of athletes and hip-hop artists, the classic track jacket is making a comeback as a wardrobe staple, once again rising to prime fashion goals status. Love it or loathe it, this piece of streetwear style is here to stay, and you definitely need to invest in at least one to complete your wardrobe.

Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why every man should make a track jacket one of their wardrobe investments for this season.

Nailing the Athleisurewear Trend

The athleisurewear trend shows no signs of slowing down and a track jacket is a universally flattering style when it comes to streetwear jackets, even if you’re simply looking to dip your toe in the athleisurewear look rather than fully commit to the aesthetic. Menswear is consistently becoming more casual and functional, with designers borrowing heavily from youth culture and urban fashion each season, so it’s safe to say that a high-quality track jacket will be an item your reach for again and again without it looking dated.

Perfect for those days where you want to flex in something a little more formal than a hoodie but still want to stay true to the urban look, this sporty number is undoubtedly athleisurewear at its finest.

Made for Layering

Finding the right transition pieces can be challenging – which is where the track jacket comes in. Not only is this wardrobe staple perfect for layering over sweatshirts and tees, but a good piece will see you through the awkward time between seasons when a coat seems to warm but you’re not quite ready to brave the weather in a tee.

Modern track jackets have significantly improved in their fabrication so not only are they great for layering over tees and sweatshirts, but also work well under other outerwear pieces like gilets without adding any bulk. For a fashion-forward look switch things up by wearing it under a blazer or a sport coat for a youthful take on smart-casual office wear.

Retro Revival

From designer catwalks to high street brands, iconic streetwear and sportswear looks are constantly being reimagined for a whole new generation of fashion lovers. Like other trends that were once reserved for geography teachers, track jackets are once again fashion goals for the modern man, ranging all the way from ‘70s style lightweight nylon pieces to iconic jackets made popular by hip-hop artists in the ‘90s.


There are certain pieces that every man needs to complete his wardrobe for a specific occasion. From formal dinner jackets to wool coats and hoodies, the list goes on. A track jacket is your essential for an effortlessly cool look.

Whether you choose to style it jeans and a white t-shirt or with a button-down shirt, one thing is for sure, the right track jacket is will have you looking put together without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Choosing the Right Track Jacket

You don’t just need any track jacket to complete your wardrobe, you need to find the right one to mesh with your personal style.

If you lead an active lifestyle and veer more towards more casual looks then look for track jackets made from lightweight nylon with a sporty look to them. However, if you’re aiming for the off-duty A-lister look then you’ll want to invest in a track jacket with a premium fabrication in either a bold colourway or with some designer signage on show.

Your fashion goals are the off-duty designer look, then track jackets in fashionable prints and bold colourways are the way to go.

You can’t forget about fabrication either when it comes to choosing the perfect track jacket to complement the rest of your clothing.

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