@70s.vogue Spotlights His Must-Have Warm Weather Pieces

With a proven knack for great design and a lover of details, @70.vogue’s style is truly refined. An amalgamation of Parisian fearlessness, tailoring and love of luxury products, @70.vogue perfectly mixes modern styles with vintage pieces to create inspiring and striking looks. @70.vogues spotlights his favourite pieces right now, and why he loves them. See below:

Craig Green Sleeveless Top Colour Block

This Craig Green sleeveless top I bought recently, it must be told it is doing its job well, ideal in superposition.


Balenciaga Everyday Shoulder Bag

Classic and basic, I can wear it with everything and allows me to add something extra to my outfit that will make the difference.


Dior Homme B24 Sneakers

For a retro look and design effect, I have my little pair of Dior b24 sneakers.  One of the best drops of the year for me.


Balenciaga Speedhunters T-shirt

A throwback to the past with this Balenciaga Speedhunter t-shirt. I chose this model because it’s side rock and retro.


Prada Bucket Hat

With the futurist logo, the Prada bucket hat is unique and an essential accessory. I really like it, too much.


Fendi Logo Jacquard Logo FF

Okay, I’m crazy about this monogram right now and I think this piece is a must-have.


PRADA Cloudbust Sneakers

The Cloudbust sneaker from Prada is ultra-trendy and I find that it marries with a lot of styles. I really like wearing them for chic occasions.


Martine Rose Striped Shirt

Martine Rose hit hard this year and this ultra oversized shirt is the one for this summer.


Balenciaga BB Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Balenciaga and its new logo, he’s crazy no? Personally, I think, yes, he is crazy.


ALYX Rollercoaster belt

I find this belt really works a final touch for a really sharp outfit. I’m waiting for mine, I’ll have to receive it soon.


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