Flex Schedule: the Pros and Cons

For many people it sounds like a dream – to have a flex schedule. It means that an employee doesn’t have to work a standard 40-hour working week from nine to six. Instead, he/she can work on his/her own schedule and keep a work-life balance. An employee can choose when to start and finish a working day. However, he/she still has to work a certain amount of hours a week. The employee can perform his/her duties remotely, presence at the working pace is not mandatory.

Nowadays more and more people prefer to work from home and decide on their working hours themselves. And scientists support them. Recent research claims that employees are much happier with such a schedule. Also, they become more productive.

If you’re reading this article, probably you’ve thought of the flex schedule possibility for you. What about your boss? Does he consider it? If no, try to search for job offers with flex hours on the job site Jobsora, there is a variety of companies ready to suggest convenient working terms.

Advantages of a flex schedule

Spend more time with your family. It is really convenient for women who have little children. They can balance performing their responsibilities and the child’s needs.

It’s a great decision for those who have to make a lot of home duties but don’t want to give up their career.

Save money and time. Commuting can be annoying, time-consuming and expensive. Forget about those rush-hour traffic jams!

Create a better working environment. What a temptation to work from a cozy café! Or at the seaside! Just imagine, only you, a laptop, a cup of coffee, a light breeze and an interesting project. It sounds like a dream!

You establish your working hours yourself. You can work at night, early in the morning, while your baby is sleeping, etc. It’s really convenient!

You don’t stress out. Since you choose your working options yourself, it decreases your stress level.

Well, the pluses of flex working hours are so obvious that there is a strong desire to go and find a job with such working conditions! But let’s consider minuses first.

Disadvantages of a flex schedule

Home is not a place to escape from work any longer. For office-based employees home is a safe place where they can relax after a long, hard day. Not for flex-scheduled people, now you are struggling at home.

You may experience difficulties to work without supervision. Before you decide to work flex hours, you must realize and acknowledge whether you have enough organizational skills to perform in such conditions. You must be disciplined. Don’t take too many breaks, don’t turn on the TV, don’t do the housework during the productive hours. Otherwise, your performance will slide down.

Flex schedule or working from home might not be taken seriously by people around and your colleagues. They may think you aren’t doing any hard work. This prejudice can hurt. But, on the other hand, who cares? If you’re satisfied with your life and work, let people think whatever they want!

As you can see, there are more pros than cons in a flex schedule. However, do consider the cons! You may be an office-orientated individual and flexibility is not for you!

Today’s leaders understand the importance of providing flex hours if it’s possible and is not harmful to company performance. Some types of work just can’t be done from home or time requirements can’t be changed.

But if an employer has decided to implement such innovation in the working process, it’ll be wise of him/her to provide employees with the necessary training and provide communication between staff members. It can be a video conference, online meetings, regular calls, etc. Then coworkers always keep in touch, solve problems together and realize that they‘re working in the team.


Flex schedule is beneficial both for employers and employees. Scientists found that people who have flex hours work harder, have higher productivity and, in general, are happier than their office-based colleagues.

Hopefully, you’ll make the right choice and make yourself comfortable within any working conditions!

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