Bold Print, Bold Man: How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt With Style

By September 3, 2019Fashion News

Prints are back and they’re better than ever! Here’s how to wear a Hawaiian shirt with confidence—and you can use these tips with almost all bold-printed shirts

Do your clothes suit your personality? If you’re bold but you’re dressing in drab clothes, you’re not putting your best self out in the world. One way to show others at first glance that you’re bold is to don a shirt with color and a print. But there are do’s and don’ts you’ll want to follow so you don’t mess up this revived–and improved–look. Keep reading to learn how to wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Hawaiian shirt style is about the shirt, but it’s also about so much more, from what you pair the shirt with to your attitude and confidence in the shirt. You’ve got to know how to style Hawaiian shirts if you’re going to pull off this bold look.

For starters, color matters. Go with colors like greens and blues, or reds and blacks. These are easy to pair with just about any color pants or trousers.
Pay attention too to your own skin tone. If you have a reddish skin tone, don’t wear a red shirt.

To nail Hawaiian shirt fashion, go with pattern objects that are stylish and grown-up. Birds and plants are a no miss; tacos and sharks spitting up rainbows (look it up, the print exists for some reason) are a huge swing and a miss.

It’s a great idea to wear a floral shirt with a suit because the shirt will make a statement. It’ll pop. But nix the belt because the eye will be busy enough handling your shirt.

Shirts in style for men are cut slim these days. Don’t try to pull off this bold look by raiding your dad’s old cabana clothes. When you wear shirts that fit your body properly, you’ll look slimmer, even if you don’t work out all the time.

Finally, fabric matters. If you buy designer shirts, this isn’t going to be a problem, but if not, you’ll want to go with natural fabrics like silk or cotton. Stay away from polyester, especially if there’s even the slightest chance you might sweat in your Hawaiian shirt. Polyester grows more bacteria, which means it smells worse if you’re active.

The best thing about Hawaiian shirts is they can be dressy, professional, or casual depending on what you pair them with. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Be Bold

Now that you know how to wear a Hawaiian shirt, don’t be afraid to be bold. Buy a few to add to your wardrobe to make your next vacation–or even your next weekend–more exciting. If you have a bold personality, you should be wearing clothes to match. Keep it tasteful and follow the guidelines set forth above to make your new style a hit and not a faux pas. Do you know other men who are bold but could use a few tips on how to rock a Hawaiian shirt? Share this article on social media to spread the word.

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