Must-Have Clothing Items when Visiting a Casino

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Casinos have their accepted dress code, meaning you can’t wear anything you feel like when visiting one. Knowing how to dress when visiting different casinos helps you honour the rules and show respect to other gamblers. Although not all casinos have a specific dress code, many gambling venues require their guests to wear particular articles when visiting.

Different people have different interpretations of the word casino. To some, a casino is a hallowed gambling hall with marble and the dark-panelled cathedral where you can play European game of chance. Others see it as just a roadside convenience store with a few aisles of video and slot machines. These features differentiate actual high-end casinos from regular gambling sites, and you don’t expect these two to have a similar dress code.

Understanding the necessary dress code before showing up in any casino allows you to fit in, feel comfortable, and impress the other guests. Below are must-have clothing items if you plan on visiting a casino such as

For Men

  1. Khaki/ Dark Blue/ Soft Grey Pants

Khaki is a good substitute for jeans since it goes with everything, and besides, most casinos don’t allow jeans in their premises. But if you don’t like khaki or it doesn’t match your skin tone, you can have a nice pair of dark blue or grey pants. If you are visiting a casino in a hot climate, consider wearing khaki shorts. Remember, you’re trying to blend in, so avoid bright colours and patterns.

  1. A Presentable Pair of Blue Jeans

Most modern high-end casinos nowadays allow visitors to come wearing a nice pair of jeans. However, rules are governing this requirement. For instance, your jeans shouldn’t punk-relics full of pins and holes, beat-up wranglers, or anything of the sort. Pair your jeans with a nice shirt and a tie to give you a mixed-formal look.

  1. A Pair of Loafers or Semi Casual Shoes

Even if you love your pair of sports shoes, that’s limited to outside the casino. A good pair of semi-casual shoes, such as loafers or boat shoes, complement your formal look when visiting a casino. If you want comfort and convenience, you can look for a slip-on version of these shoes. The point is to avoid sneakers when entering a casino at all costs.

  1. Athletic or Dress Socks

Although some shoes are excellent worn without socks, it’s essential to confirm the casino dress code before visiting. Some casinos loathe the sight of bare feet. Otherwise, a nice pair of old athletic socks will do. If you plan on heading to the VIP lounge, then you should have a nice pair of dress socks to go with your loafers.

  1. A Button-down Shirt

When visiting a casino, avoid a Hawaiian print shirt or one with large slogans and symbols. Instead, go for a conservative white shirt or a patterned button-down shirt. When it comes to sleeve length, you have the freedom to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Although personal preference matters, let the venue dictate the length of your sleeve.

In most cases, long-sleeve look better when attending high-end venues. Besides, some cultures short-sleeved shirt is viewed as work attire. Wearing one may get you confused for a casino employee, which will be embarrassing.

For Women

  1. A Conservative Cocktail Dress

A conservative dress is a kind you would wear to a wedding or a relative’s birthday party. That means the hem should be on the longer side of short, and the neckline shouldn’t be too exposing. As a tip, match the colour to the season and climate of the casino area.

  1. A Sweater to Match Your Cocktail Dress

A wrap to cover your shoulders or a sweater helps formal-up your cocktail dress. Besides, most casinos are cold, and you’ll appreciate that you brought a sweater.

  1. Nice Flat Shoes

The modern casino era allows you to wear cute flats in place of high-heels. Also, forget the sneakers, unless you plan to sit in front of the slot machine all through.

  1. A Nice Pair of Jeans

If you don’t feel like wearing a cocktail dress, you can replace it with a nice pair of jeans. Only make sure that you follow the rules on the men’s section when picking your pair.

  1. A Good Blouse

Have a blouse that doubles for day or night just in case you head to a casino at any time of the day. A plain blouse matches a skirt, jeans, or whatever you plan to wear in a casino. When choosing the right colour, consider temperature issues of the casino you’ll be visiting.

Bottom Line

Whether going to a casino to play or visit someone, it’s essential to dress confidently. Following the above dress code helps standout and meets the dress code demands of any casino.

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