Dressed to Kill: Recreating James Bond’s Style

By March 26, 2020Fashion News

When considering stylish men from history, who do we think of? Our minds would go to David Beckham and his fearless, pioneering trends, or the ‘simply fantastic’ suit inspiration from George Clooney, or perhaps the avant-garde, unflinching style of David Bowie.

However, when asked to consider stylish men from history, real or fictional, our minds would only go to one man: James Bond. From the 1960s to now, James Bond remains a style icon. While Orlebar Brown have launched a series of outfits replicating some of the classic clothing worn by Bond throughout the years, here’s how to create some of Bond’s timeless looks.

Suave and Sophisticated

The most iconic of Bond’s outfits is his tuxedo, reserved for nights at the casino or very formal bashes held by the villain of the film. Bond’s tuxedos have varied throughout the years. There is the classic look that began with Sean Connery and that all Bonds have adorned as the most recognisable Bond outfit. Several films – Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Octopussy, Spectre – have seen Bond in a white tuxedo – replacing the dark jacket. The tuxedo is mostly used in casino scenes and is very easy to recreate yourself.

While Bond’s is custom-made, the high street and online are replete with tuxedos that look the part. Some of Bond’s tuxedo looks have included a proper dinner shirt, while others have used a plain white one. The key to Bond’s tux look is that he can move around in it without straining against the material. That’s why tailoring is beneficial – so that there is room for movement, but not too much excess material.

Furthermore, today you can also experience the same casino aesthetic as Bond might have done with a game of blackjack online, in the comfort of your own home. These games can even be played with a live dealer to replicate a land-based casino environment, and allows for Bond-esque interactions between yourself, the croupier, and your fellow players. ‘Hit me.’ ‘I surrender’ – albeit the latter isn’t a very Bond thing to say, we’ll admit.

Bond Beachwear

Given the nature of his jet-setting career, Bond has had his fair share of exotic excursions. As such, dressing for the weather is something necessary for any agent – or anyone wanting to recreate some of 007’s timeless looks. Connery made famous the pale blue swim shorts, which he wore on three occasions. He paired his shorts with a pastel cotton shirt in order to allow his body to breathe in the heat. Daniel Craig is probably most known for his beach scenes and has several scenes swimming, opting for a pair of La Perla trunks for his now-infamous emergence from the water in Casino Royale.

The essence of Bond’s beachwear is to keep it smart and refined. To recreate this style, you’ll need to find a pair of swim shorts or trunks that aren’t too long and baggy, but similarly aren’t too short and ‘speedo-esque.’ Striking the balance between looking as though you are ready for the beach and as though you simply threw something on, is the key here.

You can adopt the essence of James Bond’s outfits into your own wardrobe quite simply. Style and sophistication should feed into everything, from the socks on your feet (plain, black) to the tie around your neck (muted colours, always darker than your shirt). Be it beachwear or a suit, Bond’s timeless styles can be easily replicated and immediately bring a touch of class to whatever you are doing.

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