Do Women Make Better Bosses Than Men?

By April 12, 2020Guest Post

In the world of business, there are definitely more men bosses than women bosses. However, according to the two most recent studies, it was found that women are far better bosses than men.

Following the reports of Zenger Folkman, a company that examines leadership, it was found that on 12 out of 16 leadership attributes, women scored better than men. This was concluded based on the evaluation of the performance of the 7280 clients. Of all attributes, the two key attributes where women dramatically outperformed men were driving results and taking an initiative.

Further, a survey performed by Chris Bart who is a professor at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, it was found that women are better performers when it comes to running a business as opposed to men. So, taking these two studies forward, we have come up with 4 ways that prove that women are better bosses than men. Further, we’ll also give tips for men and women both to work on their leadership skills and get better at it.

Women are better at communication

Sanaya, who offers online assignment help Adelaidesays that women tend to be better listeners than men. Naturally, communication is a quintessential skill when it comes to managing customers and employees. It is possibly because women have a natural tendency of being more discussion-oriented than man. On the other hand, men are always trying to jump onto the situation by taking action. Men have a habit of communicating via their activities, while women communicate via actual communications.   

Why is communication important for people in business?

If you are a boss, your employees expect you to hear their side of the story. Further, the customers also expect you to empathize with them when they have a problem. When you are a better communicator, you tend to develop stronger relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, which is quintessential for having a loyal bond.

Women are better at community building

Natasha, who offers online python homework help services, says that most women are consensus builders. On the other hand, men take them as primary decision-makers and tend to instruct everyone to do what they feel is right. This can be understood by taking the example of the connected internet. In today’s world, beta managers who know the drill of building cooperative relationships tend to be more successful than alpha managers.

Why is community building important for people in business?

In Dana Ardi’s book, The Fall of the Alphas, she points out how the age-old leadership dominated and dictated by men is today being overshadowed by more connected and collaborative management. She points out that the best managers today are the ones are that lead you through influence, which comes as a result of a collaboration and not as a competition or a force.

Women usually play by stronger business ethics

Roxy, who offers the best affiliate marketing course online, says that women are effective managers because they tend to acknowledge and accommodate the rights of other people in the business without any hint of partiality. Men, on the other hand, are either seen to be partial or fail to acknowledge the presence and the opinions of others in the business.

Why is strong business ethics important for people in business?

To run a business, you’ll have to make many different choices. These choices will be based on your business ethics. It has been noted that when the business owners are pushed to a limit, they tend to take a wrong decision and run askew on ethics. This often drives them to do things, which aren’t necessarily legal. It has been seen that a lot of women do possess a stronger moral code, and keep away from indulging in unethical activities. When a person is power has firm ethics, they will not be challenged even if pushed to the limits.

Women are far more patient than men

Generally, it has been seen that women are more patient than men when it comes to dealing with the employees or the customers. They rarely take quick decisions or act out too soon. Men, on the other hand, tend to jump to immediate conclusions. Kiara, who offers online write my essay for me services, says that as a woman, she always prefers waiting a bit longer, examining the situation fully, and then making a decision.

Why is patience important for people in business?

In business, there’s no concept of overnight success. To be successful, you’ll have to shed out at least 7 to 10 years of your life. Success only comes as a result of perennial actions towards a goal. Thus, only a patient person, can get long-term success.

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