#BehindTheGram: Vibbar

Continuing our #AtHome With PAUSE series, we talk to creative collective Vibbar who talk us through what they’re all about, collaborations, success and living in Lockdown. See the exclusive feature below:

Interview by: Rhys Marcus Jay // @rhysmarcusjay

Introduce who Vibbar is and what role they play in the culture.

Vibbar is a creative collective of friends who make anything from music, to music videos, film, photography, literally anything creative we will make. The latest thing we are working on is an advert for a small company some cover a lot, but we are mostly just friends who believe in each other. As for our role in the culture. I feel that is something that we actually don’t think about it as we are still learning about Vibbar.

How did the members of the group meet?

The way we have all met is fundamentally through me. Me being a Poet. I was the connection between everyone.

Being that you are all creatives, I can only imagine that most you produce everything in house, right?

Production is all in house. we believe we have a particular sound so we spend time fine-tuning our production. That way, the message we are trying to project becomes a lot better if the quality of the medium is higher.

How does each of you balance your careers aside from your pursuit of making this group a success?

The way we balance life and our collective is by making our collective a natural integration into our lives. Vibbar only focuses on what qualities you have and want to develop. Vibbar is more about a collective where we focus on personal development as we feel that makes the collective stronger. So achieving success specifically with a particular member is the most important goal on Vibbar. That way it never makes it difficult to be part of.

The group has been formed for 3 years, right? It feels like last year that the group had a resurgence around the time of the “At Home” pop up installation in Box Park, am I right?

I see why people think the Vibbar “at home” moment was a resurgence, but if I’m honest, that song works because of multiple reasons. Unfortunately, on us, it isn’t just that quality of song and video which helps us. Like I said previously the most important Is everyone working on themselves. We all work in the public eye. Therefore as long as we hot, Vibbar always hot.

A prime example was me and Yinka made a football boot that which raised our profile. increased social currency and with that energy because we were repping Vibbar that energy and attention were transferred through the release of Bellerin. So everything sometimes is more intricate.

You’ve worked with a few names which the scene appreciate such as Sam Wise, Ms Banks, Kojey Radical and Wiley – what inspired the collaboration with those chosen individuals?

Every collab we do they are introduced to our world through one of the members. Barring the early collabs which were a little of an ‘industry approach’ I would say everything from Ms Banks, Kojey, Sam, Joel Baker, Man like Tig Tig the author (that ain’t how you same his name) has all been organic. We actually have dope respect for each other and have a relationship outside 3 mins 20 seconds.

What are your thoughts on branding yourself against existing talent?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by Branding ourselves against existing talent. Sounds lit doe

COVID-19 and lockdown have sprung itself on us very unexpectedly, how has that affected your plans for 2020?

COVID kind of messed up everyone’s plans so I try not to think how it messed us up, we still gonna release our tape. Hang The Dj. should be finished before the end of the month then we all systems go cuz until COVID 20.

How are you combatting this drastic change?

Like everyone else. Remembering that I’m not in unique circumstances. We all going thru it. So just playing Fifa knowing that’s the only way I see arsenal win the league.

What are 3 things that you would like our readers to know about Vibbar itself and its’ members?

1. We are actually friends.
2. Honestly. we are no were near the end of the musical journey but I promise you to put our music on in your house whilst you hoover, clean one dish, chill that buff ting from Insta you been trying to holla for time – just play some Vibbar. I promise you it will create a vibe in your house.
3. We actually care about our product.

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