Your next Levis 501 could have a Golden Ticket

By May 25, 2020Fashion News

Good luck!

Taking a leaf out of Willy Wonka’s book, Levi’s is celebrating its heritage with an exclusive contest.

Going back to 1971, the American label has been looking back at its archive and uncovered the story of when their iconic red tab went from having a small “e” to a big “E” on the Levis branding. Fittingly, there will only be 501 pairs of the new Golden Ticket 501 jean all of which will have the red tab covered in golden foil, only once it is ripped off will you know if you received one of three exclusive pairs with the capital “E”.

Going to a vault in the brand’s San Francisco headquarters, Levis has replicated the exact 501 jeans from 1971 to provide you with a piece of American workwear history.

Available to buy from June 4 at, good luck getting your exclusive pair!

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