Levi’s Creates its Most Sustainable Jeans Ever

By July 21, 2020Fashion News

Re-using old materials!

The environmental effects of creating denim have been well documented, and Levi’s has therefore chosen to partner with re:newcell – the innovators behind Circulose, a new natural material which recycles old fabrics.

Part of the Levis Wellthread line, these latest jeans are designed to maximise recyclability, ensuring that each part of the jeans can be used in the future for a new product. This is a step towards the possible creation of a “circular economy” in the fashion industry, making the need for virgin fabrics obsolete as old fabrics are re-used.

Una Murphy, Levi’s Senior Designer for Innovation says “Recycling keeps garments out of landfills and minimizes the use of natural resources. We’re transforming old jeans into high-quality materials, moving us beyond traditional cotton recycling, which shortens and breaks fibers. By using high-quality fiber, Levi’s jeans last longer, and designing for circularity allows our old jeans to become new jeans, again and again.”

Releasing on July 21st on, get a closer look at the men’s 502 and women’s high loose jeans below.

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