PFW: Loewe Brings Unique Perspective to the ‘Virtual Fashion Show’

By July 13, 2020Fashion Shows

Bringing a focus to the clothes.

The almost-limitless opportunities that the internet affords mean that creating a virtual fashion show is often a practice in merging the latest technologies with garments. For creative director Jonathon Anderson, he shrugged off the temptation of digital-based gimmicks for something more tangible.

The show-in-a-box, which arrived at the doorsteps of the brand’s regular fashion show attendees, gave an insight into the world of this collection. The box included a pop-up show set, textile samples and outfits that you could stick to your own 3-D ‘models’ amongst much more. This stroke of genius meant that the array of materials allowed for a deeper look into a collection than is often possible through a physical show.

Of course, there was an online element to the brands showing as well. It utilised its website and Instagram page to show a programme of artists and musicians that presented their creative craft.

The garments which all of this was centred around were typical of Loewe and Anderson. Shown on manikins against a plain white backdrop, sculptural sleeves, tie-dye prints and a focus on circles – stencil cut into garments, as panels and as a silhouette – produce an experimental range. One classic garment that is repeatedly played with is the trench coat, as billowing pleated sleeves and overlaying panels update the traditional jacket.

See below for the full collection.

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